Spiritual Direction

What is a Spiritual Director?

Spiritual direction is a centuries old practice within the Christian Church.  A Spiritual Director is one who walks with another and serves as a spiritual companion.  A Spiritual Director does not walk above the other.  A Spiritual Director walks with another.  It is really more accurate to say spiritual companion then it is to say spiritual director..

The Spiritual Director helps one listen to God in prayer and in the Word.  The Spiritual Director is there to ask clarifying questions as one seeks to understand God in a deeper way.  The Spiritual Director may help connect one with portions of the Scriptures.

A Spiritual Director does have background and formation in different styles of prayer and has come to understand certain spiritual issues.  Therefore, the Spiritual Director may offer suggestions for Scripture, prayer or meditation to help one grow in awareness of God and to seek how God is present in the issues of life.

The Spiritual Director is there to help one identify how God is present in one’s life.  All questions, topics and issues are open ground for one to bring forth.  A Spiritual Director listens without judgment.  A Spiritual Director is NOT a counselor, but a Spiritual Director can help one identify spiritual roots in the issues of life.

To share life with a Spiritual Director is to have a safe place to talk about anything.  Spiritual Direction sessions are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.  It is important that one feel very safe when engaging in spiritual direction.

What happens in a spiritual direction session?

A spiritual direction session is normally 50 minutes in length.  One would usually meet with the spiritual director once each month, but, it could be more often, or less often, as needs dictate.

The session takes place in a quiet place that provides a confidential setting.  The time begins with the lighting of a candle to symbolize that Christ is present and that Christ is the true spiritual director.

After the candle is lit there is a five minute period of silent prayer.  In this time of prayer, both the director and the directee inwardly invite the presence of the Holy Spirit and seek the Spirit’s guidance for the session.  At this point, then, the directee is invited to bring forth anything that the directee would like to discuss.  The director and the directee then engage in both conversation and prayer.  The directee only discloses what the directee feels led to disclose.

At the end of the session, there is another time of silent prayer and then a closing prayer.

Spiritual Direction with Steve


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