I am privileged to serve as a rostered Minister of Word and Service in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a Deacon.  I am also privileged to have been consecrated into diaconal ministry through the LDA.  I was commissioned into ministry in June, 1970 as a Minister of Religion-Commissioned in The LCMS so I have served a total of 48 years, all of which I claim as diaconal.  God is good and has given me a full and rich opportunity to serve, for which I am deeply thankful.

Deacon Definitions

Role of the Deacon

The Deacon was created by the Holy Spirit in the time of the church’s history known as pre-Christendom, before Constantine made the Christian Church the official church of the Roman Empire.  This article by E.Louis Williams describes the classic role of the Deacon.  The ministry of the Deacon was eliminated at the Council of Nicea with the funtions to be claimed by the monastic movement.  Vatican 2 restored the diaconate to its per-Constatinian role which is evident in the church today.


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