Radical Easter Hospitality: She Sets The Tone

Last Thursday I was privileged to connect with Sister Marie at the St. Paul Monastery of

the Sisters of St. Benedict in Maplewood, MN. I

grow so much every time I visit this place.

Sister Virginia introduced me to Sister Marie. I had seen Sister Marie but had not really had much of a chance to visit with her. BUT, HERE IS THE STORY…….

Every evening, Sister Marie, who is not as mobile as she used to be, spends time in prayer and blessing in a way that I intend to model.

Sister Marie begins by going to the front door of the monastery to bless the neighbors and pray for their safety. Then she blesses the front door of the monastery and prayers for the safety of all who enter. Then she goes to each room of the Benedictine Center and blesses each room while praying for the safety of those who come on retreat. Then she goes to bless each portion of the monastery and prays for the safety of all who are there.

I plan to build this practice into my day. Pray for my neighbors. Pray for all who enter my home. Bless those whom I encounter. How might the world change if we all took time to pray in this manner?

Blessing creates a safe place. Thank God for Sister Marie.

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