Easter Hospitality: Table Fellowship (From Emmaus to the Lakeshore)

Table fellowship is an important part of life and at the time of Jesus, to have a meal with someone is an important sign of acceptance and hospitality.  And as Jesus rises from the dead and lives the resurrected life, he goes to those who abandoned him and engages in table fellowship.

On the road to Emmaus he stops to have dinner with the three leaving Jerusalem.  He then goes back to the upper room and notice in Luke 24: 40-43 he asks for food, they give it to him (they must have been eating) and he engages in table fellowship with them.  And then, days later, he is down by the lakeshore as the disciples are fishing and he calls them to the shore.  They get there and he is fixing cialis fiable sur internet breakfast.  They, once again, join in table fellowship.  To engage in table fellowship is to say that we are one.  Jesus is making a strong

point by His actions.

The same Jesus who was accused of eating with sinners and tax collectors now engages in table fellowship with those who had abandoned Him.  Christ is actively seeking to bring peace to the troubled souls of those who are filled with guilt, doubt and confusion surrounding His death and resurrection, and, in trying to understand their own behaviors.  He did not wait for them to come to Him.  Jesus goes to where they are to engage in reconciliation.  The same Jesus who sat at table with Judas continues to invite those to the table who don’t feel they deserve to be there.  Jesus is not excluding anyone.  Just who do you think Jesus might not welcome at the table today?

We who live as resurrected people are invited to do likewise.  As a sign of our Easter hospitality we are invited to engage in conversation and table fellowship with those who are disaffected, confused, filled with doubt and filled with guilt.  We go not to speak words of judgment, but rather, words of forgiveness and peace.

The institutional church has some problems with this concept but that does not prevent resurrection people from engaging in hospitality amongst those who live in the love of Christ, and those who are confused and in despair.  Eat, drink and be merry in the love of the resurrected Jesus with those who are in need.  Christ invites all.  All are welcome.  No exclusions.

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