Easter Hospitality: Pro-Active Reconciliation

Reconciliation is hard.  No doubt about it.  Jesus takes https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra-france-algerie/ His usual radical approach after the resurrection.  Jesus does not wait for people to come to Him, rather, he takes it upon Himself to go to them.  Jesus practices pro-active reconciliation.

The disciples  had not rejected Jesus, but, they had abandoned Him.  In His time of need viagra sans ordonnance the disciples chose to disappear.  It is interesting that the Bible does not report an appearance of Jesus to His mother following the resurrection.  Is she counted among the disciples in the upper room on that same day?  We don’t know.  She had been with Him to the very end, but the Bible does not record their post-resurrection reunion.  There is tradition that reports it, but not the Bible.  I find that the Bible does not speak of a reunion, to be odd.

My normal response to those who have abandoned me would be to have reunion only with those who had stood by me.  I would want to be with those that I knew loved me, rather than to go to those who had abandoned me.  My human sense of self would https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-viagra-sans-ordonnance/ say that I was done with those people who abandoned me.  I personally find it difficult to practice pro-active reconciliation, yet, God continues  to call me to do so.

When Jesus pro-actively goes to the disciples He does three things:

  1. He restores relationship. When He says “Peace be with you.”  The word peace, “shalom”, is also the world for wholeness and completeness.  They knew that.  They heard Jesus say that they are now in whole and compete relationship with Jesus.
  2. He embraces their doubts. By having them touch His hands and His side, He acknowledges their human limitations, and, invites them into the full reality of His resurrection and His love.
  3. He empowers them for ministry. It is amazing to me that Jesus not only forgives and embraces, He also says to get on with the task.  He does not invite them to consider acts of social justice, rather, he invites them to forgive sins.  The only thing that the Church has to offer is offered by Jesus on this night, forgiveness of sins.

St. Francis of Assisi, in 1219, journeyed to Egypt to meet with Sultan Malik al-Kami.  There is controversy regarding the nature of this trip, but, in one sense, one can see the same pattern that Jesus demonstrates in His post-resurrection visits to those who had abandoned Him.  Francis goes to establish a relationship with “the enemy.”  Francis goes to follow in Christ’s footsteps to cast away any doubts about the sincerity of his visit, and, Francis insists upon mediating for peace and reconciliation.

Post-resurrection hospitality calls each of us to move out into the world to declare peace and reconciliation, to live with integrity so that doubts might be destroyed, and, to empower for ministry.

By the Spirit’s power, make pro-active reconciliation a part of your life and existence

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