Fasting: Confront Consumerism

Here is the quote that I heard, “Advertising creates in us a desire to spend money we do not have on products that we do not need.”  Could one say that consumerism fosters a form of idolatry?  I know that this is true for me.  I don’t consume big items……I dribble.  Little things here and there that just add up and all of a sudden I say, “what have I done?”

The trouble is that the foundation of the American economy is based upon consumerism.  Consumerism must have planned obsolesce to that there is a market for “new and improved” products.

Back at the time of acheter viagra the Great Recession, a prominent magazine ran a front cover story declaring that Christians were the reason for the collapse because they had begun paying cash for products.  No cash.  No purchase.  The current American economy really requires extensive use of credit.  What do we do?

I vote for moderation.  Where is God leading you?

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