Spiritual Direction (or Spiritual Companion, as I prefer to describe the relationship) is a very personal relationship.  In choosing a spiritual director, the Holy Spirit leads one to a person who becomes the special companion for the journey at that time.  Spiritual Directors are very aware of this relationship and work closely together and never in competition. 

Pivot Point Ministries works closely with The Benedictine Center of St. Paul Monastery (http://www.stpaulsmonastery.org/7-benedictine-center/introduction.html).  The retreats, programming and spiritual direction offered through the Benedictine Center are of high quality and a blessing to those who participate.

Many of you know him already, but let me introduce you to the Executive Director of The Benedictine Center, Mr. Sam Rahberg, M.A.  Sam is an author, retreat leader, administrator, researcher and spiritual director.  He is currently studying and writing about resiliency in ministry in order to support those who are on the front line of service.

Here is an article that he has written for this newsletter:

Sam RahbergA Humanizing Touch

Nothing cuts through the din of modern life like the personal touch. I still remember the calming gestures of an old pastor I once met. He took my right hand firmly in his and shook slowly, even as he placed his left hand gently on my shoulder. Then he looked at me inquisitively and repeated my name as if he was absorbing my acquaintance. In that humanizing moment, something broke through the day’s busyness and slowed me down.


The practice of retreat ministry reminds me often of something similar: slowing down begins with the personal touch. While it may be due diligence to ensure that events are properly posted online, published in print, and spread through other forms of media, the thundering roar of information is sure to drown out all but a few whispers of promise and hope. What people seem to hear most clearly is a genuine invitation from one heart to another.

The faithful women and men I meet have seldom sought out quiet days and spiritual direction as the result of a brochure or flyer. They are too pressed by the demands of relationships and callings to be scouting out the array of possibilities and choosing the best from among them. More often, a friend or colleague has recommended that now may be a good time for a retreat or a conversation with a spiritual director. Those who have experienced quiet days and spiritual direction will attest that it is not only the insights or the movements toward integration that keep them returning. There is something essentially humanizing about being welcomed and heard in a sacred way.

In receiving and extending these expressions of human connection, we participate in the mystery of the Incarnation. God chose not websites or newspapers to communicate love; God sent Jesus to walk among us. Christ remains present to us as the Spirit works through the personal touch to embody the only message able to cut through all the noise and ambiguity: I am with you.

And now…

Imagine me shaking your hand slowly, looking into your eyes as I repeat your name. Feel a warm hand on your shoulder and hear the invitation to consider whether it might be time for a retreat or a conversation with a spiritual director. And please, do the same for me and others down the road.

There are many resources available for retreats and spiritual direction. I am glad to recommend the Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery or connect with you personally to discuss what options might work best for you.

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