Reflections From A Wittenberg Hotel Lobby

Well, I have been back in Germany now for about 36 hours and it has been good. We had English Stamtisch (round table) tonight and it was wonderful. It was an overflow crowd and very fun to reconnect. Lots of friends and new people all at once. Wow!

Many of you asked me to blog again this year. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn’t realize that so may were reading my blog. Well, here we go. A bit of a blog. I will add to it a few times each week.

I am not seeing a lot of new scenery, but, I am seeing a lot of old scenery in a new way. Much of Wittenberg is covered in scaffolding as part of the 2017 preparation. However, the people continue to bring a beauty to this place that is indescribable.

Today I met a pastor and his wife celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. This pastor and his wife have a rich history in the church and we discovered that we have known many people in common. He and his spouse continue to have an excitement for ministry that is energizing and contagious. What a blessing to meet them.

Today I met a young man who just finished studying at Oxford and wanted to travel on the continent before returning home. We had a lovely discussion about what he might see in Berlin for one day, but more exciting for me was his discussion of his faith and how it impacts his life. He came to the prayer service offered through Wittenberg English Ministry. After the service we talked. The young man is a Southern Baptist and his father works with North American Missions for the Southern Baptist Convention. What struck me is that this young man (a business and communication major) has a contagious enthusiasm for life and ministry that is very similar to the man who is here celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary. How exciting!

imagesI also walked with Eeyore today. I love Eeyore, and, trust me I can be Eeyore, but, today it was not energizing to walk with Eeyore. It was energy draining. I, at this stage of my life, just cannot spend much time around the Eeyores of this world (and, there are plenty). I try reframing. I try encouraging. But, if they stay in their Eeyore state of being I have to take numerous breaks and may even have to cut them off from my existence. It feels harsh. I love Eeyore but I also have to protect myself until I learn to not let the Eeyores of this world take me down. I want to be energized by those who continue to be energized and contagious with the energy of life.

How do you deal with the Eeyores of this world? I know, love them, but what else!

Tomorrow I head to Munich. I will get off the train, check in at the hotel, and head for a Beer Garden to watch the Germany/France World Cup game. Should be a lot of energy at that Beer Garden. Sunday I meet my group (I am excited) and off we go on our tour.

What an adventure. God is present.

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