Reflections From A Wittenberg Coffee House-The Journey Goes Deep

So much has happened since I have last written.  I will be breaking the events of the past week into segments, and, most will come as reflections from the experience at the DIAKONIA World Wide Conference that was held in Berlin from July 1-8.  It was a phenomenal experience to be with 400 deacons and deaconesses from around the world.  The theme was “Healing and Wholeness”, but, more on that in future days.

Today marks a new phase in my summer journey.  Yes, I am still Deputy Director of Wittenberg English Ministry, and, yes, I am still on my LDA Internship, and, yes, I am living the Wittenberg life.  It is a good journey.

However, the first month in Germany was a series of numerous events, that were wonderful, but that took a great deal of time.  All of it was good and it made for a great transition.  I was surrounded by people I knew and it was fantastic.

Seeking the Mind of Christ

Seeking the Mind of Christ

Yesterday, the last of the people I know well left to go back to the US and now the journey takes a different turn.  I am now, in a sense, alone, and, I think that  this is a good thing.   It has been my hope that as this time in Germany progresses that I will take the time to reflect, discern, rebuild and restore.  I have already started doing a great deal of reading which is stirring my mind, and the times I spend walking and on the bicycle bring opportunity to reflect and ruminate.  This is a time to learn to watch the grass grow it I want to, but, also to hear the call of God into the future.

I found this quote by Rumi that speaks to the next portion of this journey, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  Rumi’s statement reflects a great deal of Richard Rohr’s thinking in “Falling Upward” so I am drawn, once again, to the question of how to engage the third/third of life.  Rohr makes a distinction between our focus in the first half of life and describes how those who have successfully transitioned from the first half of life actually move toward greater fruition in the second half of life when asking a different set of questions.  The focus of the source of change now changes for me.  I know that God is calling me to new ways and I pray that I would listen.

Over the next few weeks, I am reflecting over a strong set of questions designed to help me find the direction that God has for me in this third/third of life.  I am excited about this journey but I know that it will be both painful and sweet.  God is in the midst of it all and the process is being guided by the Holy Spirit, so, all is good.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcomed.  More later…..

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