Reflections From A Wittenberg Coffee Shop-A New Phase

Yes, I know I have missed a few days.  Sorry.

Luther Fest 500 picked up speed and I just couldn’t get to the writing.  Since my last post I took two different groups to Wartburg Castle and the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt, presented an interest center, participated in events, gave the message at the closing worship service, and, took a cruise with the participants, on the Elbe River.  These events, along with a great deal of socializing, has kept me busy.

Now the Luther Fest event is finished and all participants have gone to other places.  As of noon today, I am here in Wittenberg with my new friends and colleagues but all the Americans have gone.  I really have to rely on my German now, but, so many of my new friends and colleagues speak English that I am not in total trouble; yet.

One of my strong goals for my time here is to build relationships with people in Wittenberg.  I am trying to engage in conversations, using my limited German, with a deep desire to connect.  People here are very friendly and, as I try to be present with them, I am hoping to build relationships and demonstrate the graciousness of God as we get to know each other.

THE MOSQUITOS are terrible.  It is like Minnesota.  The flooding has created a bumper crop and everyone in Wittenberg is doing the Minnesota dance.  I don’t remember the mosquito problem on previous visits to Germany.

This will be my week to make some connections and then next week I attend the DIAKONIA conference in Berlin.  It will be good so see my Brother Deacon Ben Emma who is also attending the conference.  You can read more about the Diakonia Conference at http://www.diakonia-world.org/2013/Berlin2013.shtml.   I go up the morning of July 1, by train, and will meet Diane Greve at the train station to see how lost I can get the two of us in the process of finding the conference.

More as the week unfolds.


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