Reflections From A Wittenberg Coffee House – If These Stones Could Talk

Today was a day of settling in. Busy day as I worked with life transitions. The ministry team of Wittenbergers supporting Wittenberg English Ministry are just astounding. One of the guys spent part of the morning helping me work through banking and phone issues. We also just have great times talking. One of the Wittenbergers on the team is actually from Great Britain and lives in Wittenberg because she likes it. She has been very helpful and through her invitation I will be singing in the Gospel Choir of the Castle Church.

The worship service tonight was in the Castle Church which is gutted and being restored. Quite a difference from the last time I was in there. One can still see the graves of Luther and Melancthon but most of the rest is covered with plywood or scaffolding. All is being done in preparation of the 500th year celebration in 2017.

The pastor, again did a wonderful job, and the service was enriched by the Community Choir of Concordia University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The choir is directed by Dr. Joy Berg and they did a wonderful job.

So, tomorrow and Monday I will be in Berlin and there will probably not be a blog due to internet issues. Luther Fest 500, sponsored by Lost and Found along with Terra Lu Travel, begins on Monday and I will be at the airport both days greeting people. The German travel office has named Luther Fest as one of the top ten festivals being held in Germany this summer. Guess that tells you the quality of this thing.

On Sunday, Tangled Blue (known as Joel and Aimee Pakan) will be arriving with a strong contingent of their families. LeRoy Wilke, also working with project, arrives tomorrow and then Nicholas and Kristin Tangen come in Sunday night. We plan to gather in Berlin for a cultural plunge.

Monday, LeRoy and I are greeters at the airport and will support the shuttling process that will take place all day. It should be quite a day.

So, I was thinking today about the richness of the history of this town. One of the Wittenbergers that I have come to know, and who works in the WEM process, is part of a family that signed the original charter for the founding of Wittenberger in the 13th century.

Jesus says that the stones would praise Him if no one else would. Stones tell stories and so do castle walls. The Kappelle next to Luther’s Church is where we hold devotions throughout the week. Luther baptized in this building, conducted funerals in this building, AND engaged in conversation in this building. The stories the walls could tell. I am re-reading Hear I Stand by Roland Bainton. Very helpful to get me oriented to the stories around here.

But not only do I hear the stories of Luther and Melanchthon, I am beginning to hear the stories of those born in Wittenberg and who grew up here in the years that the government was communist. Incredible stories. And, today I talked with a woman who drives her children to a Lutheran School everyday. WHO KNEW THERE WAS A LUTHERAN SCHOOL IN WITTENBERG? Now, I intend to visit the school.

So the stories go on!

What have the walls spoken to you about today?
Where have you heard the story of God in your life today?
What stories have you heard from the people around you through the life of today?
Where have you heard God today? What has God been saying?

Next time you hear from me will probably be Tuesday evening. God bless!

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