More Transitions Coming My Way…

Steve Arnold and Pivot Point Ministries are making a transition to the European continent.  I will be living in Europe for four months while being involved with a number of groups and events.  

From mid-June until the end of August, I will serve as a volunteer Deputy Director for Wittenberg English Ministries (WEM) (www.wittenbergenglishministry.com).  I will have the opportunity to support visiting pastors who will lead devotions for English speaking tourists.

In the midst of the work with WEM, I will be assisting Lost and Found and the leaders of Luther Fest 500 from June 17-24 in Wittenberg (www.LutherFest500.com).   LutherFest will involve worship, music, servant events and activities for people of all ages.

I will also be taking a break from WEM to attend the Diakonia world-wide conference being held in Berlin from July 1-8.  The Diakonia conference is a gathering of deacons and deaconesses from around the world who gather for prayer, study and mutual support.

If you will be in Germany this summer, let’s connect.

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