Book Suggestions:

Hogeland, Debora (2000)  Widening the Circle: Inspiration and Guidance for Community Living.  Prescott:  Hohm Press.

In her own words, Hogeland states, “Widening the Circle focuses on community as a dynamic, evolving process through which the individual and the world can be effectively transformed.”  Hogeland reviews practical aspects of community life, including gender issues, diversity and conflict.  However, the focus is upon transformation within the context of community.

I have been reading this book in the context of an intentional community, of which I am a member, as we struggle together to create a meaningful and transformational community.

Shenk, Joanna, ed. (2011)  Widening the Circle:  Experiments in Christian Discipleship.
Harrisonburg:  Herald Press.

Notice how the title is almost identical to Hogeland’s book.  I bought Shenk’s book by mistake, thinking that i was getting the other one.  Thus, you now know about the challenge of ordering electronic books.

This is a fascinating book on how intentional communities form.  Written from a Mennonite perspective, this book has strong themes of prayer and social justice.

Each chapter focuses upon a particular community and is written by a member of that community.  Chapters feature very practical discussions of the difficulty of community, but offer hope and insight for those who invest in the process.  I gleaned the importance of shared vision and a commitment to the individual, as the community provides a safe place to grow.

I am really glad that I bought this book by mistake.

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