German Transitions

Talk about life-changing events….back in 1987, I received a phone call from LeRoy Wilke, asking if I would become involved in a project through the Board for Youth Services of the LCMS to work with Rev. Herb Brokering on what was to be called JourneyFest 1990.  Agreeing to participate in that event has led to a series of exciting ministries.  Not only did this project involve me in supporting Christians behind the Iron Curtain, but also paved the way for starting the first overseas Director of Christian Education (DCE) Internships, European Servant Events, and involvement in supporting the international participants at the LCMS National Youth Gatherings.  WOW!

These ministries were about bridge building and about making connections in the global church.  This has become important to me, and now the journey continues.  I have been invited to be a part of Wittenberg English Ministry and, as a result, will live in Wittenberg, Germany for eight weeks this summer.  My first visit to Wittenberg was Advent, 1987 and I have been back a number of times since.  The ministry this summer is to work in partnership with the Wittenberg congregations to provide ministry to English speaking visitors in Wittenberg.  What a joy this will be.

While in Wittenberg, I will have opportunity to live as a part of the community, as well as support English speaking people from around the world who come to learn about the Reformation.  If you are in Wittenberg in July or August of 2013, please stop by and say hello. 

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