Available Presentations for 2012/2013:

Now is the time to schedule your retreat or program for 2012-2013.  Contact Steve Arnold at steve@pivotpointministries.org or by calling 651-261-9853.

Prayer and Conversion:  A Transitional Journey Toward Abundant Living

This topic can be explored in a two hour session or a two day retreat.  The time is spent in experiencing forms of bio spiritual focusing, praying the Word, reflecting in contemplative prayer.  This is opportunity for inward journey through times alone and times in group.  Guided journaling will also be a part of this experience. 

Deep Change:  Daily Dying and Rising 

 This topic is best served in a two day retreat as participants engage in discernment and prayer seeking to hear and answer God’s call to life and service.  God’s call to abundant living leads to being asked to die to those things which hold one back and rising to newness in Christ.  This will be a time for Scripture study, reflection, silent prayer and meditation.

 Spirituality and Aging 

This session will focus upon the issues of spiritual development and formation as one ages.  What tend to be the questions?  What tend to be the issues?  Where is God in the process?  The questions will be dealt with in a way that one can apply in ministry to others as well as to one’s self. 

Embracing The Next Chapter:  A Positive Look at Aging 

This session will explore the positive aspects of aging and will also explore how to transform some of the apparently negative aspects of aging into a more positive experience.  In so many respects it is all about attitude.  Time will be spent in exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in the positive aspects of aging. 

Understanding Dementia and Spiritual Care 

 This topic can be explored in a 90 minutes session or expanded to greater depths for a one day experience or a retreat.  The time is spent in working to understand the nature of dementia related disease and how one might provide meaningful spiritual care.                 

Laying the Foundations:  Beginning With The End In Mind 

This topic emphasizes the need for strong spritiual formation beginning at birth and then through each phase of the lifespan.  The foundations laid in those years provide the connecting points for those providing spiritual care to those with dementia related illness.  The one with dementia draws upon the resources formed over the years.  The time is spent in exploring ways to form people in the faith over the lifespan so that they are prepared to face whatever life brings.                 

A Time Out For Caregivers 

This time together is for those who provide care (paid or unpaid) for those with dementia related diseases.  The experience involves Scripture study, sharing, prayer and quiet rest.  This program can be for 2 hours or extended to an overnight retreat.                 

The Leadership Challenge:  Exploring Ways to Serve Those With Dementia

Designed for both lay and professional leaders in the Church, this time together will provide support for congregations interested in expanding ministry to those impacted by dementia.  The process offers opportunity for strategically finding ways to serve a special population.

For these and other programming events, feel free to contact Steve Arnold (steve@pivotpointministries.org) or (651-261-9853).


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