Spiritual Direction and Conversion

Groundwork for change

Change happens in praying the Word, as God’s Holy Spirit searches the depth of one’s body, mind and spirit, seeking to bring one into the harmony that God offers through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  God has restored the relationship, but most live as if the restoration hasn’t happened because sins, wounds and hidden pain weigh a person down until one lets go.  As the Spirit searches the depth of one’s existence, the Spirit seeks out those hidden places and invites and empowers change.

Luther calls this change a daily dying and rising and Benedict calls it a daily conversion; but, in reality, the process is the same.  Luther and Benedict both draw from the same Greek word, metanoia, which calls for  turning away from one thing, while turning toward another.  This is transition and leads to change known as conversion. 

Conversion is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit ,but can be enhanced through the ministry of a spiritual director.  A spiritual director is one who serves as partner, listener and guide, as the director sits with one before the Word of God and helps listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  The spiritual director serves to ask questions and to help listen for what God is saying in the process of prayer and illumination.  Conversion leads to a release of all that holds one back and allows one to grow in becoming aware of the full presence of God that comes in Baptism.

Engaging a Spiritual Director 

If you would like to engage in spiritual direction with Steve Arnold you may e-mail (steve@pivotpointministries.org) or call 651-261-9853.  Steve will meet with you face to face or via Skype.

If you would like to engage with a different director you can go the web site for:

Christos Center for Spiritual Formation (www.christoscenter.org) where you will be assisted in finding the appropriate spiritual director, OR

The Benedictine Center at The St. Paul Monastery-Maplewood, MN (www.stpaulsmonastery.org/7-benedictine-center/spiritualdirection.html) and contact Director Sam Rahberg for assistance in connecting with one of the available spiritual directors, OR

Loyola Spirituality Center (www.loyolaspiritualitycenter.org) in St. Paul, MN where a staff of spiritual directors are there to serve, OR 

Spiritual Directors International (www.sdiworld.org) where you will find guidelines for selecting a spiritual director, along with a directory of spiritual directors serving around the world and in your area.

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