Personality and Transition

I had to take a group of psychological tests recently because of a new project I am becoming involved with.  The test showed me flat lined but did indicate that I may be prone to over reflection and rumination which may lead to worrying.  Anyone who knows me well will now respond with, “why did you need a test to tell you this information?”  However, I found this information to be most interesting when thinking of personality and transition.  Transition and change really do not happen without reflection.

Contrast “over reflection” with those with little or no reflection and one can begin to wonder why?  Socrates is credited with the saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.”  I really agree with this and find it hard to understand why a person would want to avoid reflection.  I am content with life but I want to grow and I want to experience it in the abundance that God has promised.

Reflection leads to confession and the seeking of absolution.  I believe that a failure to reflect gives one a false illusion that one can still hide behind the bush in the Garden of Eden and not be seen.  Those who reflect are invited to come out from behind the bush to be fully present before God.

My guess is that it may be a combination of fear and laziness along with Satan’s subtle message that one is just fine behind the mask.  Yes, that is a harsh statement but I believe that many avoid reflection because they don’t want to see what is there and would rather hide.  Then, reflection is avoided because, quite frankly, it is a lot of hard work to reflect and change.  Finally, reflection is avoided because Satan as the Father of Lies convinces one that the truth is really the mask rather than what is behind the mask.

Spiritual direction leads one into the holy presence of God where God provides a safe place for reflection.  The Holy Spirit leads the process as God gently nudges one towards a pivot point of holy and sacred transformation known as change.  A spiritual director helps one hear the gentle reflection of the Holy Spirit.

For people like me there is the call to reflection and freedom without worrying.  For those who don’t reflect there is the call to a new adventure and discovery of self that leads to a sense of safety that leads to freedom.

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