Listening for God

I am struck by those who (like me) keep asking, “How much longer must I wait for God’s direction?  Why doesn’t it happen now.”  I have asked these questions and I have heard these questions.  For those of us who want to keep moving, the thought of waiting is dreadful.  I am learning that God is beautifully and gently patient.  God will speak when the time is right and when it is most helpful to speak.

For me, it is becoming a matter of discerning when the Lord is speaking.  I am finding that God does not come with big dramatic statements, but rather comes with a gentle voice to speak the truth in love. 

I had this happen again recently as I have been praying for future direction and wondering why certain things weren’t happening in the way I thought they should happen.  As I sat in the silence my mind was attempting to process something while hopping around and suddenly I came to an insight that could only have been given by God.  It was a disconcerting insight, but, also very helpful.  At least I came to know WHY I was being asked to wait.

The Word, prayer and quiet.  I am being led to take more activity out of my life for awhile in order to have time for quiet and reflection.

If you feel that God is not answering you might want to check out if things are quiet enough for you to hear God’s answer or does the noise of activity get in the way.

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