Talk about transitions and pivot points!  I went to the “1968” exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum and was bombarded with reminders of transitions and pivot points from my own life.  1968 was truly a pivotal year for me in many ways and I think it was good to sit back and reflect upon those times and life events when we were shaped and formed into who we are now.

Those of you not old enough in 1968 cannot fully understand why watching the film of the protestors at the 1968 Democratic National Convention was so meaningful for me.   It is hard to explain why the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy were so hard on many of us.  As I walked through the museum display I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of transition and change that took place that year (evidently including the first of the bra burnings). 

It was from the events of 1968 that I pretty well formulated my views on non-violence and social justice.  I came to believe, even more strongly, in the dignity of the human being; regardless of color.  I came to realize that if some people take more than their share that there usually isn’t enough to go around.  These values crystallized for me through the events of 1968 and as I came out of the museum I was reminded how my personal mission and passions were shaped by pivotal events around me that year.  The events intersected with my forming values and set in motion certain actions that remain with me until today.  The 1968 exhibit helped me understand more about myself.

What have been pivotal events in your life and how did they shape you to be who you are today?

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