Toy Story 3: Incredible

My wife and I took grandchildren to see Toy Story 3.  I went expecting a children’s movie.  I was curious, though, because I had read an article in the paper that said that Toy Story 3 made men cry.  I thought that sounded strange.  Well, I didn’t sob but I certainly got a bit teary-eyed as I watched the life journey unfold through this movie.  Toy Story 3, like the movie UP, strike me as being very sensitive to the life journey and the issues that take place for adults as we move along.  Toy Story 3 is all about transitions.

Toy Story 3 struck me because I felt a strong connection to Andy Davis, the young boy/man in the movie.  I am retiring from one career and moving into another one.  For 24 years I lived and worked in higher education and now I move into health care chaplaincy.  The decisions that Andy had to make are decisions that I am now having to make.  What do I put in the attic and what do I pass on for others to use.  I am particularly struggling with my books; what do I keep and what do I give away.

Life transitions involve a rhythm of letting go and embracing.  Fascinating, exciting, scary, peaceful.  God is in the midst of the decisions.

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