With a Listening Ear….

I work with four stages of transition (entry, destabilization, alignment, direction).  Each is equally important but at times I think I get the most fascinated with the first stage because of the challenge of discernment.  The spectrum in the first stage can be from an internal restlessness to a state of shock as one processes the news of a personal crisis.

I am continually learning the importance of listening.  I continue to realize that there are fine tones that I need to be listening for to help with the appropriate response.  When listening one can hear the type of response the individual is having to their restlessness or their news.  When someone has been told that they are losing their job, the listening function most often is to just let them vent their feelings and allow them to have those feelings.  At a later point one can begin to help them explore options, etc., but initially, it is important to just listen.

It has been recommended that I see the movie “Up In The Air.”  From the description it sounds like a must see movie and it sounds like one that would help us understand how to support those in expected or unexpected situations.

Those in transition need a listening ear that connects the heart of the soul with the heart of God.

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