Transitions All Around

Some people seem to cling to things the way they are and resist anything that would change their existence.  There are times when holding on to core values becomes very appropriate.  Just because something is new doesn’t make it good and doesn’t mean that one must embrace it.


I work half of my life with young adults and half of my life with senior adults.  They really have so much in common.  There is a a quest for identity, security and meaning.  Individuals in both groups struggle with the “Who am I” question.  Different answers come from different perspectives but it is exciting to be able to walk with people in either age group as they try to figure out meanings and relationships.


Both age groups seem to struggle with the ability to trust God.  I heard a similar statement from a young adult and from a senior.  They said that they trusted God but just didn’t know if they could trust God to do what they wanted.  I get that.  It is a struggle.


Both age groups are in a period of great transition.  It is a privilege to be able to walk with both young adults and seniors as, together, we struggle to make sense.  Peace,  S

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