Off on a new adventure……

Well, folks, here we go. It has been a long time since I have written in this post. I hope to be doing this more often. Since I posted last, I have gone through a number of personal transitions that have been quite freeing and exciting.

I “retired” on July 1, 2009 and went back on a part-time basis as University Chaplain. I continue to pursue certification as a chaplain and I continue taking graduate classes. My hope is endorsement and certification as a chaplain. If I compute correctly this will be my sixth career (I am counting working as a custodian in a bowling alley and all my years of working as a waiter).

Somebody said to me recently, “Are you angry that this new career didn’t come earlier? Do you feel like you wasted time?” My response was, “absolutely not!” Life is a journey and it is about doing what you are called to do at the time you are called to do it. I don’t believe that anything is a waste of time……it all builds into the next phase of the journey. It does help, though, if we spend a bit of time reflecting upon what we have learned.

I am deeply grateful for where I have been and I look forward to where I am being called. So, would love to hear from you about your own transitions.

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