The Irresistible Revolution – Book Review

Originally posted on January 3, 2008

Claiborne, S. (2006). The irresistible revolution: living as an ordinary radical. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. This was a profound book for me to read and ponder. It stirred in me all of my social action memories from the late 60’s and early 70’s, but Claiborne has taken me even further. Claiborne challenges each Christian to lead an authentic Christian life, walking and serving with Jesus amongst the marginal populations. I was reminded in many ways of Martin Luther’s call to vocation through service in home, job, community and congregation. I was reminded of Bonhoeffer’s statement that “Jesus bids me to come forth and die.” Claiborne says that justice comes from love that flows from community. I would like to have him say as clearly as Bonhoeffer in Life Together that community comes only in and through Jesus Christ. Humans do not create Christian community. Humans live in a community created by Jesus Christ as Christ incarnates into this world and draws people unto Himself. Claiborne challenges contemporary Christians to live radical faith in the way of Christ. The book made me both uncomfortable and challenged. Claiborne is one of the founding members of The Simple Way which is part of the new monastic movement. This is about living in intentional community in partnership with those who share a conviction of living authentically as a disciple of Jesus Christ. His way of life is not for everyone, but, he challenges each of us to explore what authenticity looks like in one’s context. I want to form a group to help me work through the issues laid out in this book.

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