Process to Discern Reconcilliation and Peace

Originally published 7/15/2006

The monastic community at Taize was founded in 1941 by Brother Roger. The community at Taize is an ecumencial Christian community committed to prayer, simplicity, unity, reconciliation and peace. Thousands come together each week to join in both corporate and private prayer and to share in the study of the Word. Time is allowed for quiet reflection and periods of silence are encouraged. Participants, in this portion of the journey, will be encouraged to discern regarding those portions of life that seek reconciliation and peace. Living is simple at Taize. Sleeping arragnements are in bunk beds in barracks. Food is served in tents. The Taize experience is a call to a different, more simple, way of life. that allows the pilgrim to look deeply inward to see those things which cause division with others. What is it that keeps us divided from others? How do we express the unity created by the Holy Spirit? How do I live in peace with those around me? Thousands join three times per day for prayer in the Chapel of Reconciliation.

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