How To Become A Rainmaker

Originally published on January 3. 2008

Great book to understand some principles of serving.

Fox, J. (2000). How to become a rainmaker: The rules for getting and keeping customers and clients. New York: Hyperion.

Chapter XLI is about manners and hospitality. Hospitality is the key to outreach and manners are used to welcome people and treat them with respect. This chapter emphasizes the manners that need to be displayed by the parish professional as they engage with people about the faith.

The rainmaker is the sales person who brings the art of the deal to new levels and is able to sell effectively and successfully. While this book is primarily written for the salesperson it speaks to those who are involved in the development of non-profit agencies and the recruitment and service of those who donate their time. With proper interpretation, this book can speak to some of the needs of parish professionals involved with “selling” a mission and vision.

There are many good chapters but there are two that speak to me: Chapter VIII, “Earthquakes Don’t Count” and Chapter XLI, “Don’t Talk With Food in Your Mouth”. Chapter VIII simply points out that we do not reward people who do not achieve their goals, regardless of the excuse. Goals are written to be achieved. Parish leaders would be challenged to a greater level of accountability.

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