Autobiography of Bill Clinton – Book Review

Originally posted on January 3, 2008

Clinton, Bill (2004). My Life. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Very interesting book but it took me all summer to read it. In the “style of Clinton” there is at times way more detail than one would ever want to know and I think that every FOB (friend of Bill) is mentioned at least once in the book. The guy has moral issues, no doubt, but he is brilliant and he was a good leader who brought consensus on many issues. As I read the book, I appreciated that he laid forth a new agenda and a new vision. Whether one agrees with it or not, at least we had someone with vision, and, the ability to articulate that vision. He also managed to implement a great deal of that vision in the midst of political and social turmoil. I was reminded of things like balanced budgets and paying off the national debt (what a concept). I was reminded of a vision where children had access to medical care, education and safe streets. Yes, the man has problems, but he has a vision. By the way, for those who wonder, he does discuss Monica and he calls it stupid behavior on his part and continually asks for forgiveness. I learned a lot about leadership and consensus building.

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