Thoughts About the Potential “Socio-Quake”

Futurists are talking about 2009 as a time for more change than people are bargaining for. Faith Popcorn writes about the “socio-quake” that is taking place resulting in the toppling of icons and changes about the way we believe and act. Part of me really hopes that she is right.

The past twenty years have changed the face of our culture. Some of the changes have been exciting and worth celebrating….who would have thought forty years ago we would be electing an African-American as President of the United States. However, many of the changes have been damaging…………access to medical care….disintergration of families…..disintergration of the middle class while the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

I don’t think Faith Popcorn would say it this way but it seems to me that we do need to change. The change needs to begin with repentence for the way in which we have lived. We need to reset our priorities and learn once again to live in community. We need to find ways to walk in peace and develop ways to communicate that foster healing rather than division. It might be a good year for the church to focus upon Matthew 5-7 and to learn about the new way of life that Jesus invites us to live. Jesus frees us up from sin, death and the power of Satan through His death and resurrection but we are invited to both an eternal life and an abundant life. The abundant life is the new way that Jesus talks about.

So, Faith Popcorn, this could be a year of great change for us all. May the Spirit guide us.

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