Another “Cheesy” Movie

I get a bit teased for liking “syrupy” movies. No doubt, many touch my heart. Last week I watched Sound of Music (for at least the 30th time) and tonight I watched Peter O’Toole and Sopia Loren in the move, “The Man of La Mancha.” I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!

Man of La Mancha is about knowing your vision and living your vision whether others see it as real or not (see any comparisons to Sound of Music?). It is for dreams and visions that people have given thier lives over the centuries.

In turbulant times, and, when people say that what we are doing is crazy…..those who know the dream can walk it with confidence. The world around me is worried (and, I have my moments as well) but Christians know who wins and realize that there is nothing to worry about.

Pivot Point will soon announce three retreats that will be held in the Twin Cities area during Lent. Each focuses upon the Christian journey in turbulant times but each retreat approaches the topic from a different angle.

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