Reflections on Wall-E

I watched Wall-E with the grandchildren tonight. I really hadn’t wanted to see the movie (still not sure that it’s all that good) but I was struck by somethings in the film. Humans had become FAT and COMPLACENT, willing to let others do things for them. HUMANS had abandoned the earth rather than deal with their problems. The connections, at least for me, are rather obvious so no point mentioning them.

So, what brought about TRANSITION and CHANGE? It started with PERSERVERANCE as Wall-E just kept doing what Wall-E was create to do (I believe we call that Baptismal vocation). Then the change began to happen throught the RELATIONSHIP between Wall-E and EVE-A. The relationship led to certain actions and finally the change came when the captain of the ship begain doing his homework and developed a VISION that motivated him out of complacency and into action.

Now, what does it take for any of us to become motivated. The problems are almost overwhelming. I would suggest that we learn to join together and perservere toward the vision laid before us. As Christians we know that we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. As citizens, we strive toward freedom and justice for all.

Let us walk together toward the vision laid before us.

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