Reboot…Change….The Words of the Hour

Marian Salzman is a futurist who offers a blog site called Intelligent Dialgue. Salzman is acclaimed as a trendwatcher and is one to be watched herself if one wants to be looking ahead.

In her blog for December 24 called “Reboot: the word of the hour, day, week, and for 2009” Salzman offers this thought:

“The term “reboot” conjures an image familiar to anyone who has faced a computer system crash. It implies starting the system fresh, and figuring out what caused the crash in first place. Critics argue that the systems don’t need rebooting or even repairing, but rather replacing with different systems. Either way, there is agreement that we need a radical change.”

Salzman’s blog is, of course, making this statement in our socioligical and political realm. However, I am struck with the fact that it is posted on Christmas Eve Day when God begins the process of “rebooting.” The gift of the Messiah, the Son of God, Savior of the world allows for each of us the opportunity for moment by moment, day by day, rebooting. We are given the opportunity to start fresh in the forgiveness of sins offered through the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We know that the world’s system crashed when human beings rebelled against God and entered into sinful separation. The resulting crash left humans with no hope. Yet, God in God’s mercy, reboots the system with a plan of salvation that begins to come to fruition in the birth of Christ.

In the freedom that comes in the forgiveness of sins we are offered an amazing opportunity to live in radical change. Leviticus 25 outlines a process for economic justice that would turn this world upside down. Christ is the true radical change agent. Christ talked of change and transition (“you have heard it said, but I tell you…) long before today’s commentators. It is Christ who says pray for those who persecute you, love your enemies, love God rather than money. You want to see in contemporary writing what this “reboot” could look like then read Matthew 5-7 and then read Shane Claiborne’s, “Irresistable Revolution.”

Rebooting happens in the incarnation of God dwelling in human flesh. Humankind is reconciled to God and the world finds peace in Jesus Christ.

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