Hmong New Year: Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab

What a delightful day!  David Her, a student at Concordia, continues to help me grow in my understanding of the  Hmong culture.  First we went to a Hmong market and had lunch (traditional Hmong).  Then, we went to the Minnesota Hmong New Year celebration in St. Paul.  What a delight.  The Miss Hmong Minnesota pageant was featuring the contestants in traditional Hmong garb that they had designed and sewn.  Then we watched a series of traditional dances done in the dance competition.  These were beautiful!  David introduced me to a Hmong artist who is trying to help the Hmong celebrate the beauty of the culture and to be proud that they are Hmong….his passion was contagious!   His artwork was magnificent.  We got to see many Concordia students and alumni as well.  I continue to develop a deep respect for the Hmong culture and I love getting to know the people.

Thanks be to God for the diversity of creation, the gifts of different cultures and for those who reach out that we might come to know one another even better.  May the barriers continue to come down.

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