Meeting People Along the Way

I have had an incredible experience this past year while serving as a chaplain at a major medical center and working with two different groups of people in a program called Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).  I could probably write a book on this experience.  The experience has helped me to deepen the understanding of meeting people along the way.  Knowing their history and their story helps me to know who they are right now and to become aware of the gifts they bring into my life.  My two CPE groups were vastly different in age and background, yet, each person blessed me in powerful ways.  We all came with different backgrounds, and yet, all found ways to bless the other.  I have learned to see the person in front of me as a human being, a child of God, a gift.

I said good-bye to one today.  The journey had been particularly powerful but now distance will make it different again.  Somehow I think the journey will continue, even though in different form.  That is the way life is.  When you find someone along the way who “gets it”; the journey continues.

Meeting people is a form of transition.  The person changes my life and I change theirs and God is in the midst of it all.  Powerful!  Mysterious!  Gift!  Thanks be to God.

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