Emerging Church, Part 2

The second day was very helpful. Kimball didn’t say it this way but my filter puts it in terms of my own belief and practice. The challenge is to be able to read and assess the context of the individual or group in order to respond appropriately (would this be another form of proper distinction of Law and Gospel). The reading comes as we listen with the heart of God to the hearts of those around us.

Kimball pointed out what research shows to be the major issues that cause young adults to love Jesus but not like the Church. He says the church is viewed as judgmental, homophobic and afraid of divergent thinking. What can one say. He is correct.

His point though, is that we need to be aware of who we are and attend to the ways in which we respond to those around us. My thought would be that we learn to become transparent so that we love with the arms of Jesus and connect to the needs of those around us as we become aware of the suffering of Christ.

He had some great creative worship ideas that work in his setting. However, even he is quick to point out that worship expression is a matter of culture and context. You cannot just transfer a worship setting or style from one place to the other. Authenticity is grounded in living out the context and as the Spirit leads.

It still is a matter of hospitality.

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