The Blessings of My CPE Group

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is becoming the life transforming experience that I had hoped it would become.  I had read, and been told, that CPE was about patient care and that it was about the interior journey.  It is everything that I hoped it would be and more.

Our group of five spends a great deal of time in study and reflection.  CPE is based upon an experiential learning model which builds reflection into the process.  The gift I have been given is to be with a group of people who are insightful and who are able to speak the truth in love.  I really appreciate the loving honesty as they have gently guided me in the interior realm.

My strong goal has been to deepen my listening skills in spiritual direction and to identify issues that would impact the care I might give to patients.  This CPE process is helping me see in a deeper way those things that keep me from listening as fully as I might and provides me with a safe place to try out new ways of listening and expressing.

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