Calm Down

In the forty minutes I spent on the treadmill today at the gym, I watched CNN display headlines…………Iraqi government collapsing, 1.2 million Americans will forclose on their homes in the next two years, home foreclosures will bring on a worldwide recession, global warming is causing the world to self-destruct…….and on it went.  I thought to myself, no wonder people are stressed.

The situation was amplified by the fact that I was praying for someone, while on the treadmill, whose e-mail I had read just before leaving for the gym.  It was the panicked e-mail of a person overwhelmed with life’s issues while being surrounded by a group of nay-sayers.  I prayed, “God, how do we cope.”

God said, “he leads me beside the still waters.”  In the midst of it all, God provides.  Thanks be to God.

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