Transition Towards Balance

For a number of reasons (excuses),  in the past four years I have not followed a strong diet and exercise program.  One can only surmise the results, but, let us just say that the weight gain has not been helpful, and, the physical results are not ones that have helped me maintain the kind of life to which I have been called.  So, within the last six weeks, I have taken stock of the situation and started my exercise program with the help of an awesome and very helpful personal trainer.  It has been a challenge but I am feeling better already.

Bosu BallOne of the first exercises the personal trainer had me do is to stand on a device that is half of an exercise ball built onto a small platform, called a Bosu ball.  It looks simple enough, but, it takes about two seconds to realize that I have lost a great deal of my ability to maintain balance.  My 6 foot 4 inch frame (still somewhat substantial at this point) wobbles like a new born calf.  The real challenge comes because I am not only expected to stand on the ball; I am to also do squats.  The results are interesting to say the least.  I have to be “spotted” and anyone watching receives their entertainment for the day.

What the trainer is doing is helping me to strengthen my physical core.  A good solid core provides balance, prevents injury and promotes good health.  I am assured that through the training program that I am on, that I will, in fact, retrain my core and regain my balance.  A good solid core will help me with the rest of my physical training with less injury and stronger results.

Core training is also essential for our spiritual life.  The physical disciplines strengthen our physical core and the spiritual disciplines strengthen our spiritual core.  Study of Scripture, prayer, meditation and other disciplines strengthen the spiritual core and allows opportunity for the Holy Spirit to make one more aware of the presence of God which is always there.  Through the strengthening of the spiritual core one regains spiritual balance.

Core training for the spiritual life leads to spiritual balance and allows one to walk steady, in the Lord, through all the transitions, trials and tribulations that life may bring.  Spiritual direction provides opportunity for spiritual core training with the spiritual director helping one listen to that voice of God as the balance is restored.

For support in this process, contact Steve Arnold. (steve@pivotpointministries.org) 

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