Pivot Point Ministry Transition Model

Transition is the prequel to change, but, without successful transition there is no change.Transitions begin with a restlessness.  There is a sense that things as they currently are really are no longer working but there is no real future to move into.  At this point many people go into a stall and become paralyzed.

Finally there comes a Pivot Point that triggers action one way or the other.  The Pivot Point is a launching point for change where one is either forced to move or decides to move.  A Pivot Point is a turning point where one whirls and then launches from what has been before.  It is the incident that causes change to happen.  At the Pivot Point the person decides to freely stay where they are OR break free and launch into something new.

The Pivot Point can redirect a life situation (decison to marry or divorce), a career situation (quit one’s job and retool for another), a health situation (to give up losing weight or to finally begin to lose weight) or many other types that require a choice to be made.

Years ago, Sister Corita Kent painted a poster that aid, “Not to decide is to decide.”  To move from one point to another requires a Pivot Point to make the launch and to give the launch greater momentum.

Pivot Point Ministries is here to help you make that move.

Four Phases Of Supporting Those In Transition

Resources Regarding Life Transitions

Learning Transitions


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