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“Up In The Air…….”, some thoughts

Finally got around to seeing the movie, “Up In The Air”. The movie had been recommended to me because of issues surrounding transitions.  As I watched the movie I really did notice all of the issues regarding transition but it also had a great deal to say about relationships and life purpose.   I continue […]


Listen to Him

Tim Hansel once wrote in his book, “Holy Sweat,” that if the devil can’t make you bad he’ll make you busy.  I like this quote because it strongly points out the dangers of an overbusy life and the fact that if the devil can make us busy it distracts us from reflection upon what is […]


Pivot Points in Scripture: Calls With Clarity…..

The Scripture readings (Isaiah 6: 1-13 and Luke 5: 1-11) for the week of February 7 certainly confront the listener with the reality of transition.  Isaiah just went to pray and was encountered by God.  As God came before Isaiah, God created a Pivot Point experience.  The call to Isaiah to speak on behalf of […]


Default to Comfortability…..

Why in the world is it so hard to bring about a change in behavior or attitude? Why do we keep making resolutions and never seem to keep them? I don’t remember who said it, but the quote goes, “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things expecting different results.” I want […]


With a Listening Ear….

I work with four stages of transition (entry, destabilization, alignment, direction).  Each is equally important but at times I think I get the most fascinated with the first stage because of the challenge of discernment.  The spectrum in the first stage can be from an internal restlessness to a state of shock as one processes […]


Recent Items

  • The Loneliness Factor

    I was at a luncheon that was serving as a listening post for seniors to describe their sense of loneliness and isolation. I knew that the population invited to this luncheon was one that would probably have a higher sense of isolation, but, what I heard was much more intense than I expected. A man […]

  • Social Networks and Aging

    It is interesting that research is showing two demographics experiencing social isolation in such as way as to impact health: Young Adults (18-22) and Senior Adults (65+). I have worked with both populations over the past 50 years and I continue to be amazed at the similarity of the questions raised by both groups and […]

  • An Eye-Opening Awareness: One More Transition for this Guy

    I sat at a luncheon two weeks ago that opened my eyes to a reality that I knew was there, but as the discussion unfolded I began to realize how the discussion, about to take place, was going to expand my thinking. As I listened to the needs of the people with whom I shared […]


    When it comes to the human condition and a desire to change, we can become easily frustrated: we think that we want to change … but we really don’t. Paul expresses this contradiction well in Romans 7:15-24: “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do […]

  • The Crisis of Loneliness

    THE NATIONAL CRISIS CALLED LONELINESS From “LINKED IN” “America is becoming Isolation Nation. Nearly half of respondents to a nationwide survey by health insurer Cigna say they always or sometimes feel alone, and 54% say they feel no one knows them well. Such loneliness is connected to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and premature death. The […]