The Touch of Prayer

Some of us have overactive minds and it becomes difficult to stay focused in prayer.  For those who have this challenge, it is sometimes helpful to be touching an object in order to have a tactile connection that brings the prayer into focus.  It is like using a centering word, except you are touching something tangible that calls you to prayer.

People of all backgrounds have used various forms of prayer beads to assist in the practice of prayer.  For some, this might be theologically offensive, but there are many Lutherans (Methodists, Anglicans, Catholics) that find it helpful to pray the rosary.  Lutherans do not pray the rosary to Mary or to the saints.  Lutherans pray the rosary in a way consistent with evangelical Christianity.  There is a Lutheran Rosary (put in link on my page) that can be very helpful.  I have offered a way the rosary might be used, but one could use it by having a different petition on each bead.  It is in touching the bead that the mind becomes focused.

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