I was leaving the exercise machine area at the gym, after a training session, and when I looked, up I saw her coming. She was pushing her wheelchair toward the exercise area. I said to her how inspired I was by watching her persevere at exercise. She said, “I am 86 years old and I just finished an hour in the pool. Now I want to do a little more.” Wow!

There is a man who comes into the gym every day. I have never talked with him, but I watch him come in with his walker after arriving on Metro Mobility. He walks at a 90 degree angle and cannot straighten up. His personal trainer meets him and they walk the track, laps at a time.

There is a man who comes into the gym three times a week, weather permitting. He comes by city bus. He lives in a local assisted living facility and is confined to an electric wheel chair. He is able to transfer himself from the chair to the weight machines. He says, “I have to do this.”

I am inspired by these individuals, and many others, that I see at the gym. I have been working with a trainer for 20 years and I keep going to the gym, but it is hard. I honestly can find any reason in the book to skip my time at the gym, but I remind myself that once I get there I will be glad I did it. I have never developed a thrill for weight lifting and exercising, but, I do end up liking it (at east a little bit).

Here’s the deal. I don’t do this exercise thing in order to live longer. I do it in case I live longer. I have gone through open heart surgery, cancer surgery, foot surgeries and don’t want to end up confined. It may happen anyway, but, I want to do all that I can to make aging a positive experience.

They tell me that sitting is the new smoking. I get a lot of pressure from people telling me I am retired and I should sit more. I don’t mind sitting. I am getting good at it. But, I don’t want to get too good at it. It is important to keep moving.

You don’t have to go to a gym to keep moving. I do chair yoga at the gym, but, I also do it at home AND I help lead the assisted living residents in it as well. You can walk around your house or your yard. You can even just walk your driveway, but the critical thing is to KEEP MOVING.

What are you doing to KEEP MOVING? Tell us your success stories.

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