Walking Through Lent With a Spiritual Companion

There is a rhythm to the Christian journey that invites one to solitude and invites one to community.  Both are necessary in the shaping and forming that God offers through God’s Word.  

Solitude offers the time of quietness that allows one to lean in and truly hear God’s voice in answer to prayer and to bask in the presence of God’s love.  As with Elijah, God reveals God’s self in the “sheer silence.” (1 Kings 19: 11-13, NRSV)  Take time throughout the day to set aside even just five minutes for silence.

Companionship is a gift of the Christian community as we are baptized into the Body of Christ.  Find a spiritual friend, a spiritual companion, a spiritual director with whom you can share brutally honest conversation, confession and prayer.  The Smalcald Articles of the Lutheran Confessions states that the Gospel offers “help against sin in more than one way” and lists “mutual conversation and consolation of brothers and sisters” as one of those ways.  (The Book of Concord, Smalcald Articles, p. 319, Augsburg Fortress, 2000)

A spiritual companion is a true gift.  During this Lent, engage a spiritual director as a part of your journey.  If you need support in finding a spiritual director, feel free to contact me (arnold.sf@gmail.com)

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