Post reply to NPR Story: Elders with Dementia Music

I love this piece about music and dementia for two reasons:

1) It shows that the individual is still alive, still responsive and still who he or she is. We most times fail to remember that this person is still an indiviual with thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires. Music helps us express who we are.

2) I LOVE the emphasis upon individualizing the care plan for the individual. Too often the care plan remains generic and fails to consider the needs and history of the person.

Yes, it takes more time but it is very worth it!

Families………..you can be so helpful. By the time I, as chaplain, get to know your loved one you will note that your loved one cannot always communicate with me what is important. i need you to tell me his/her favorite music and I need you to help me get to know your loved one.

For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings

Henry, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient in an American nursing home, recently became a viral star. In a short video that has been viewed millions of times online, he starts out slumped over and unresponsive — but undergoes a remarkable transformation as he listens to music on a pair of headphones.  Continue reading

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