Transition as Creative Energy

One can spend a lot of time focusing upon the painful aspects of transition.  There is the pain of letting go of something that we cherish and there is the pain of learning how to do something new. 

However, one must not forget the joy of leaving pain behind and moving on to something new and exciting.  Transition is also about creative energy, new life and adventure.  This was evident for me when we moved from homes that were in full sun to a home that was surrounded by 16 trees providing extensive amounts of shade.

I knew how to garden in full sun.  My vegetables thrived and I had brightly colored flowers throughout the yard.  Nothing that I knew how to do thrived in the shade, and, in fact, the plants I knew how to work with would have died in the shade.

So, I had to let go of what I knew about gardening.  I had to embrace a new way of working with color and needed to learn about plants that thrived in the shade and in an environment where the trees worked hard to get all of the available water for their own survival.

 I did mourn a bit.  Vegetables just weren’t going to make it at this new place.  I tried a variety of ways but none of them worked.  Suddenly Farmer’s Market took on new meaning.  I missed my prairie flowers but I learned about blooming shade plants and about utilizing the different shades of green available in green plants.

 It was a transition but it became exciting and energizing.  As in all things, there are two or more ways to respond to life.  Transitions can be painful but they can also be very energizing.

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