Transition and Personal Energy

Transitions sometimes slows the system way down.  When one is expending energy on successfully transitioning, any sudden changes or new challenges, cause the system to slow down as energy must be diverted to attend to the new issues.

This is why sometimes people become ill during times of transition.  Energy is drained, and, stress even causes a lower white blood cell count which reduces immunity.  If one is caught in the middle of more than one transition (which is often the case) the body becomes even more drained.

When going through transitions it is important to do everything possible to allow space for rest and recovery.  Right now, I am intentionally reducing my activity levels in order to have space to think, explore and rest.  For me it is essential.

I am also clearly telling people that I am going to take time to process any other changes that come along before I commit to anything.  I am using a metaphor that right now I am like a super tanker and I need 12 miles to turn around.  I will turn around, in some way, but give me as much space and time as possible.  Transitions are exciting but even good things can be exhausting.

What do you need to trim from your life?  What steps can you take, immediately, to simplify your life.  Is everything of equal importance?  How can you make space in your life to allow for successful transition?

Discerning prayer is an essential part of the transition process.  Where is God calling?  

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