Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a process where the spiritual director accompanies an individual or a group on spiritual journey and helps them listen for the voice of God through prayer and contemplation.  The spiritual director will ask clarifying questions or will engage the directee in processes that will foster spiritual listening.  (Further descriptions of spiritual direction can be found here.)

A typical session with Steve is held once each month and lasts for 50-60 minutes.  Everything that transpires in a session is absolutely confidential.  The session begins with a brief check-in time which means that the director and the directee just share general life news.  Then, the director will call for a time of silence to transition into the process.  The director will close the silence with a prayer of invocation.

The agenda for the conversation and direction is set by the directee.  Topics can literally be on any subject.  The time is spent in discerning the presence of God and in listening to God’s call in the midst of it all.  it is important that the directee feel safe at all times.

In reality, the Pivot Point Transition Model moves into effect through the spiritual direction process.  Steve, as spiritual director, journeys with the directee through the transition process always seeking the presence and voice of God.

Sessions can take place face to face or through SKYPE.  Steve will do spiritual direction on the phone only with those that he knows.  For Steve, the visual connection is very important.

The typical fee for spiritual direction is $60.00 per session but no one is ever turned away because of money.  You may contact Steve for an appointment at steve@pivotpointministries.org.


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