Dementia Support Group

Our ministry of supporting those in the transition of dementia through the spiritual support group got off to a great start in September at our first meeting at the St. Paul Monastery.  The group of five engaged in serious and extremely honest conversation about the journey with Alzheimer’s disease and then moved into a time of quiet prayer.  The goals of the evening were accomplished.This spiritual support group for those impacted by dementia meets monthly with the intent of providing a safe place for conversation, a place where others understand the journey, a place where open and honest feelings can be expressed and then received by people who “get it.”  There are not plans for extensive programming with regard to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The time will be a time to be safe to share stories, to listen with the heart of God, to explore options but more than anything to be safe in the arms of God.  The next meeting of the group will take place at the St. Paul Monestery, Mapleweeod, MN at the Benedictine Center.  The group will meet from 7-9 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.   A free will offering will be received as a gift to the monastery.

The retreat facilitator is Dr. Steve Arnold, Chaplain, St. Anthony Care Center.

Click herefor more about the group: The Impact of Dementia – A Conversation about Faith

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