Transitions are sure interesting……

Right now I am in the process of retiring from something that I have done for 24 years and, in addition, preparing to move into something totally new.  Ambiguity is the name of the game as things wind down in some parts of life before the new parts are ready to take wing.  It is a bit unsettling; but, it’s not.  I am not leaving; I am going to something.

As school winds down there has been a series of “lasts” as chaplain.  We did each of our evening chapels for the last time with me as chaplain and today we had our last communion service.  Tonight was my last baccalaureate service. Students are leaving for the summer.

We had our first transition meeting today to begin the transferring of responsibility.  I am ready to let go.  It is time.

I am feeling some tension with the ambighuity but I think I am walking through it ok.  I am sure getting a deeper understanding of what I teach about transitions in life as I pay attention to this transition.  I am developing a deep empathy for those experiencing the side effects of transition.  My chiropractor says that my back is as stiff as a board and I can tell you that tension in my right shoulder is causing pain.  Tension prevails.

I know that God is present.  I have confidence in God, but it is still hard.  It is also exciting and brings new adventure.  Let’s see where it all goes.

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