Jesus For President – Book Review

Originally posted on January 27, 2008

The introduction to this book is entitled, “A Book to Provoke the Christian Political Imagination.” In actuality, this book will provoke more than political imagination. Claiborne and Haw take the reader to places the reader may have never wanted to go. The authors really probe into the issue of the relationship of the Christian to the state and calls into question who the Christian is to obey. They bring up interesting thoughts regarding the role of the monarchy and really challenge the popular interpretations of Romans 13. Should a Christian be in the army? How does one practice Christian hospitality while carrying a rifle? When, if ever, is it appropriate to take the life of another human being? Why don’t we practice Jubilee and seek the justice describe in Leviticus. Incredible questions are raised in this book. I have been a pacifist since very young days. I am personally rather excited to see and hear the issues that he brings to the table. The prophetic voice of the Church comes through this book and makes us want to ask about the poor, about a system that allows hoarding, and the system that is filled with violence in many forms. Claiborne and Haw call us back to the Sermon on the Mount and we recognize that this is a rather radical document. do we live out the Gospel response? How do we bring about all that is being talked about? One could easily be overwhelmed with what is in this book. My own approach is going to be to gather a group to discuss the book and to ask what it means to be authentic Christian in this age. Check out the website JesusforPresident.org.

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