Wonderful Experience

When I was first asked by the leaders at Camp Okoboji to lead a retreat for high school students teaching contemplative prayer and contemplative life I must admit that I was quite skeptical.  The retreats with middle aged and young adults had been very meaningful but I just wasn’t sure it would work with high school youth.  Sure, I had read the book Contemplative Youth Ministry, AND, I wanted to believe that Yaconelli was right, but, I was skeptical.

What an experience!  The young people invested in the process and came genuinely enthused about the topic.  The continaully expressed deep appreciation for the times of silence.  Now, I will admit that we used some unique approaches which may have helped.  A contemplative bike trip (with three miles of mindful silence) brought wonderful discussion.  When we stopped in the middle of the bike trip for an experience in small group lectio divina (at picnic tables on a beautiful day), I was thrilled with the enthusiastic participation.

 Camp Okoboji provided a wonderful staff to partner with and God brought together an incredible group of high school students.  I have been blessed by this experience.

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